Dreading helping your parents downsize?

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Dreading helping your parents downsize?

This past summer, I helped two senior clients downsize and move into either a retirement community or an assisted living facility. It was such an emotional time for the seniors, as well as for their families, and I was honored to walk them through the process with compassion and patience. If you are thinking about talking to your senior family member about downsizing, this article can help!

Carla Whyte
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6 Survival Tips for Moving Your Elderly Loved One

Whether moving a senior loved one across the country into a new home, or moving both parents into a senior community, the process can be challenging. Many scenarios require the need to move a senior parent from their own home, and their adult children will want to ensure the transition goes smoothly, tending to their health, finances and logistics.

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Partner Recommendation:

Lisa Oakley of The Shifting Path

The Shifting Path is the Caregivers’ Caregiver, your resource for all of your changing eldercare needs. Their mission is to support families with aging parents to have a more connected, present, and balanced life by helping them through complicated eldercare issues. They provide tools, programs, solutions and emotional support so you can make informed choices with your family member in the context of healthcare, insurance, financial management, daily living, home environment, and long – term care decisions. Lean More





Client Testimonial

“It was like a miracle to move to my new apartment with Carla helping me. After 38 years in a 9 room house, I was really concerned (more like terrified) about downsizing to 3 rooms. Carla gave me advice, support, encouragement, and did lots of practical hard work while insisting that I was doing it and cheering me on. Carla knew lots of ways to help me decide about keeping, tossing or putting things on probation and was always affirming my choices. Now, a few months later, I have happy memories of the move, (imagine that?). I realize the value of Carla’s work and I am more grateful than ever.”
~Bea Strickland

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