Are you ready for the holidays?

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Are you ready for the holidays?

The holidays are upon us… Decorating needs to be done… Food needs to be prepared… Guests are coming! But don’t worry! I will walk you through some helpful tips for an organized, peaceful holiday season!
Carla Whyte
Embracing Your Space


5 Helpful Tips for an Organized Holiday

With the holidays, it seems like there’s always enough time until there’s not. I created this handy list to help you plan ahead to make this holiday season a little less stressful.

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Partner Recommendation

Kim Cotton Design

Kim Cotton co-owned a local staging and design company in the early 2000’s. She decided to go on her own to focus on creating joy in the spaces she transforms for her clients. Her goal is to inspire everyone to live in a space they love and call home. Among a variety of design services, Kim offers holiday decorating. So if you would like to have your home decorated by a professional for the holidays, I highly recommend you work with Kim!

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Product Recommendations

Christmas Ornament Storage

This storage box makes it simple to safely pack away your precious Christmas ornaments and know you’ll find them in perfect condition next year. This durable red fabric box is designed with three-layers that can store up to 75 ornaments (not included). Cardboard dividers ensure that each ornament stays securely in its place while you’re transporting them to and from storage. Various sized ornaments can be accommodated by moving the adjustable cardboard dividers. The zippered top closure grants easy access, so packing and unpacking your keepsake ornaments is effortless.

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