Do you know where all of your summer gear is?

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Do you know where all of your summer gear is?

Summertime is here, and you are going to be accessing the things in your garage more and more—bicycles, camping gear, gardening supplies, beach chairs….but the question is, can you get to, or even find, any of these things?  Are you too embarrassed to even open the door? You are not alone! But wouldn’t it be great to just walk into your garage, grab your beach blanket, chairs and cooler, and simply go to the beach?? This is just one good reason to get control of your garage and get it organized.
Carla Whyte
Embracing Your Space


The Top 5 Benefits of An Organized Garage

If you’ve ever looked around to see who’s outside before opening the garage door, you’re not alone. This part of the house collects everything from toys and sports equipment to tools and garden supplies—some of which probably haven’t been used in years. Fortunately, garage storage solutions change everything. When you’re finished organizing, you might even have room inside for your car!

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Partner Recommendation: Alice Riiski, S&S Cabinets

Alice works closely with her clients and shows them how to maximize their living space with beautiful and flexible home organization systems. It starts with a consultation where she takes her clients on a tour around their home and discovers how they are currently utilizing their closets and other storage spaces. She then draws up a plan with 3D design software to show how the space would transform after installation. She is very proud to be part of the team at S & S Cabinets. They are family-owned and operated and work hard to keep their clients happily organized.

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Product Recommendation: Alera 4-Shelf Wire Shelving Rack

Alera Wire Shelving Units offer ample shelving storage for home, business, and even restaurants.  The strong welded steel wire construction provides exceptional strength and stability.  The no tools snap-together design assembles in minutes and allows for effortless adjustment to create unique and personalized solutions.

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