Is it time to downsize?

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4b7c2d10-93e6-42da-8089-1ca2874a5db6 20 Tips to Declutter Your Home

It’s a rite of passage almost no one will escape: the difficult, emotional journey of downsizing your or your aging parents’ home. Start with your attic. When you’re up against your memories, remember: You’re simplifying your life, not erasing your past.

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Lisa Heuning, The Shifting Path

Their mission is to support families with aging parents to have a more connected, present, and balanced life by helping them through complicated eldercare issues. They provide tools, programs, solutions  and emotional support so you can make informed choices with your family member in the context of healthcare, insurance, financial management, daily living, home environment, and long – term care decisions.
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Stainless Steel Shelving

A lack of cabinet space doesn’t have to stop you from keeping your favorite kitchen tools and appliances. Use this stylish stainless steel shelving unit to beautifully display them!  And don’t worry if you have a small space. It can be customized to the size you need.
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