Is your closet ready for spring and summer?

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Is your closet ready for spring and summer?

The weather is warming up, and you want to go shopping for some new dresses and summer shorts. But before you run out and buy a new spring wardrobe, take a look at the current state of your closet!  Is it already stuffed to the gills? Read on and get your closet into Spring and Summer shape!​

Carla Whyte
Embracing Your Spaceline

Get Your Closet Ready for Summer

Spring and summer are here, and if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to put away the sweaters and boots and bring out the tank tops and flip flops! But do you feel stuck at the mere thought of this process? Is your closet tiny and/or bulging at the seams, and you think there is no way your closet can EVER be organized? Take a deep breath and read on!


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